Aerial Patrol

Flight planning, Tanzania

At CAP we are passionate about flying! With thousands of hours of bush flying experience, the CAP team is the first choice for aerial surveillance missions, search and rescue operations, game tracking, and ground ops support.


Any Mission, Anywhere, Any time!

Wildlife Census

Tools of the trade

The CAP team has extensive experience in the field of aerial wildlife census and we compliment traditional methodologies with cutting edge data capture technologies and geospatial video and still imagery. 

Petri Viljoen has recently developed and field tested a PDA/Bluetooth GPS application to streamline census data capture and processing.


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Satellite Imagery


In collaboration with strategic partners, we provide SPOT 5, Quickbird and Ikonos imagery at competitive rates. We offer a complete satellite mapping service: DEMs, contour generation, classification and much more...


Machaze survey team, Mozambique

We offer professional consulting services in GIS and GPS technologies, geospatial  multimedia mapping, and aerial wildlife inventory operations.

Geospatial Multimedia Web Service

Geo-Narrative: Liuwa, Zambia

CAP offers server technology that provides an enterprise with a highly accessible and scaleable solution for sharing geospatial multimedia. 


When output from our surveys must be extended to an enterprise or to the general public, dynamic web applications such as internet map servers and streaming media services are an excellent solution. Many users can have access to a single data and multimedia repository from diverse locations, and internet connection speeds.


Follow this link to see how this technology is used to raise public awareness about the environment in Africa.



Film and Media

James Ewan, filming dugongs, Mozambique

We offer professional fixed-wing aerial cinematography services and have flown crews for BBC, ZDF/Arté and others.


Together with our partners, 21st Paradigm and Earth Media , we also provide film production services to raise awareness about conservation issues in Africa!!

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